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Texas Flippers

Fort Worth Texas Flippers Jim and Thao Vandiver with Vandiver associates have been creatively flipping and designing homes all over the DFW metroplex.  Their style and expertise have helped them make big bucks in the Texas market place. Vandiver and Associates This power couple has extensive knowledge on just about all things home related.  Jim […]

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What are Closing Costs?

Home buying and selling is a daunting task. With the biggest transaction some of us will ever experience, it is good to understand closing costs. Once a deal has been made between buyer and seller, the real work begins. Who gets paid what and who covers the costs? Pest Inspection- Typically paid by the seller […]

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Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

So your thinking about listing your home and selling. A hundred different scenarios go off in your head and a clear path to a successful closing seems a bit cloudy. Jim and his family sold their home down the road and got 10k over asking while your other neighbors home is still on the market. […]

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