5 Cheap Fixes Before You Show Your Home

So you’ve decided to sell your home.

Sometimes huge fixes such as landscaping or kitchen remodeling are just not in the budget. So here are some great tips on how to improve the overall appearance and feel of your home for showings for almost Nada.

1. Light Switch Covers

Buyers will be picking your home apart.

Sometimes when a potential buyer is weighing out options between homes, it’s the smallest of details that will persuade them for or against a potential sell.

Go to Walmart and buy each room matching, white outlet covers. All plates will come with screws, but you might need a small flat head to install.

Although they might not point out how amazingly new the outlets look, they at least won’t point out how dated or dirty they look either! PS. buyers want a new feel even if your home is older, small improvements will make a world of difference.


2. Buy Baskets!

Dollar tree and Walmart have super inexpensive cloth baskets!

When potential buyers open your cabinets, AND THEY WILL, they don’t want to see your old shampoo bottles or half empty cleaning supplies.

We all know when showing a home, of course its being lived in.

  • We just want to create an illusion of order. By simply throwing all of your small necessities in basket, your home will look orderly and clutter free! I tend to stick with neutral colored baskets that don’t draw attention!

3. Wash your House.

A pretty broad request, but I’m literally telling you to wash your house.

Dirt and grime can build up on concrete, doors, windows and parking areas.

Instead of wishing they were newer, take the time to give them a wash. You can buy inexpensive cleaners anywhere that will attach directly to your water hose!

Perhaps not quick and easy, but this is definitely a cheap upgrade for you curb appeal and will show  potential buyers that you care for you home!



4. Light Bulbs!

Lighting in the home is a HUGE component when it comes to a buyers first impression!

By just replacing old light bulbs, increasing wattage, or even just making sure all of them work is something every home seller should do before ANY showing.

Buyers want to see bright living areas, airy and open bedrooms and clean feeling bath areas.

The EASIEST way to achieve the feel you want is by enhancing the light in these areas!



5. Get to Scrubbing!

Things don’t have to be new for them to look nice!

 Sometimes grout in bathrooms or tubs can get gunky! Windows get cruddy and sink faucets or other metal fixtures can look dated and dull. Although there are a lot of DIY cleaning formulas out there, I recommend sticking with the chemicals for deep cleaning. 

Here are some of the best products when used correctly to help restore luster and shine to all of your household items buyer will be looking at!

1. Barkeepers Friend – used on all stainless steel or kitchen appliances

2. Comet – Used for pretty much anything, yet I really like it for heavy grime buildup on white or porcelain items like toilets and tubs!

3. Natural Orange – Heavy duty degreaser to remove build up from cabinets and handles. Also DOORS, clean your handprints off doors to make them look taken 




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