5 Top Home Design Apps

We have created a list of our favorite home design applications that can be downloaded straight to your phone. Whether your preparing your home to sell, or your just wanting to re-design your space, each of these sites come with loads of inspiration for any project you have!

1 . Houzz

One of our favorite apps for home design and layout choices! Here you can search not only room features but your particular style based on your location! The Houzz website can be accessible through any mobile device. The app features great quality photos, articles and even product recommendations with pricing attached to clickable items throughout the site.




 2. Homestyler Interior Design

Want to re-design a room or play around with a new style? This app allows you to snap a photo of your area and upload it to the site. Visualize your space before breaking a sweat or the bank for that matter. Great for staging a home for a quick sell or even when moving into a new home with a new layout!



  3.  Iscape

This mobile app is a lanscapers dream. Available for Ipad, IPhone and Ipod Touch along with Iscape light for Android, simply upload a photo of the area you wish to change and start virtually designing.






 4. Benjamin Moor Color Capture


One of our Favorites! For most of us DIY goo-roos, we get over excited about updating.  Yet when it comes down to the simplest things such as paint color we find ourselves at a stand still. Now with this app you can upload a photo of the area you want to paint, and simply adjust the color to your liking! No paint color returns or money wasted on small samples any more!




5. Pinterest

Last but not least, one of our go-to sites, Pinterest. What we love about this app is that the content is uploaded by various users and is always providing new ideas. Not only can you search virtually any décor or DIY project ideas, you can also create and show off your design tips and tricks for others to follow as well!





With all of these great sites that let you virtually design or re-create spaces in your home, also know you can sell your home online now too! www.ilisthomes.com now lets you upload your home photos, value your property, list and accept offers on your home all through our webpage!



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