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Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

So your thinking about listing your home and selling. A hundred different scenarios go off in your head and a clear path to a successful closing seems a bit cloudy. Jim and his family sold their home down the road and got 10k over asking while your other neighbors home is still on the market. […]

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How to get on MLS

 What is MLS? MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service.  It is a site online where licensed realtors can post or search listings for sale. Think of it as the largest data base of properties available or sold. To post a home on the MLS you have to be a licensed realtor and a member of a local realtor […]

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How To Take Better Pictures of Your Home

First impressions are everything. Online marketing of your house is the number one way to get buyers in your door. The absolute best way to wow your audience is through great shots of your space. With so many new options for home sellers, you don’t always have a realtor taking the photos for you. Let’s […]

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