DIY Real Estate – the new way of selling a house

In a world of DIY –   from Vacations, to home repairs, to financial trade why not Real Estate?

I’m not talking FSBO style, I am talking a true DIY platform for home sellers, one with the tools of a real estate agent in a consumer controlled and easy to use –

If you could type in your address and see live MLS data.  Yes, Active, Pending and Sold homes would that be of help?

My house is worth How Much?
Now take it a step further.   What if you had tools in which you could adjust your value form the comps based on Exterior Appeal, Interior Upgrades, Outdoor amenities, Pool, etc?




I can really get it on the MLS ?  Yes

Now once you do this, imagine hitting a button and your home would be on the MLS within 24 hours and syndicated out to hundreds of sites including Zillow,, Trulia, Etc.




So you home is listed, that was easy.

While you are at dinner with family or friends you get a Text that says you have an offer on your house.   You click the link and you review and accept the offer.  You contract is drafted for you and you get an executed contract back and it goes to title.



So that was easy you just accepted an offer.  Now what? 

You have a interactive closing calendar that guides you through to closing while having a licensed agent address issues and ensure your home closes.

You closed, really that was it?  Yup-  and you saved over $8,000 in unnecessary commissions.



Curious on what said or Dallas Culturemap said about iList – see links below.

2 thoughts on “DIY Real Estate – the new way of selling a house

  • Diane Devendorf

    I’m Jennifer Gould’s Mom. My husband Carl & I are talking about selling in the next 1-2 years to relocate between Decatur & Lantana. Carl was thinking we could sell without a realtor, but I would like to have help. What would we need to do to find out more?

    • Joe Peterson

      Hi – Ill soot you and email shortly. The beauty of iList is you get the best of both worlds. With iList you get the seller designed platform with the tools of an agent but you have a dedicated licensed team at your disposal. We watch the process for you, but you the seller are in control.


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