What is Home Listing Automation?

iList is the newest interactive selling platform available! But how does it truly work? Lets break it down for you based on the 4 amazing tools and how you can save thousands with automated listings.

Listing Automation is pretty high tech.

A new site iList gives you actual Active, Pending and Sold data on your home.

With their iValuate tool you can determine your home value based on the selected comps. Literally type in your address and the numbers appear before your eyes.  The comps displayed are based on your location and other similarities to your home. You can even then de-select homes not comparable. Pretty cool.

Once you select your comps you can adjust for location or they even have options for if you did an upgrades. As you slide the scale, your price will move up and down. You are virtually determining the price of your home. This sliding scale, also connected to live MLS data was developed by real estate brokers that are considered experts in this field.


Listing online gets you more Marketing.

This site is a legitimate Real Estate brokerage

When you list with them you get the backing of professionals and also the same things you would with a traditional agent.

  • Custom signs installed for you
  • lockbox with showing service (also installed for you)
  • MLS listings which means buyers agents now can see your property
  • Listings on dozens of other well known sites
  • social media recognition
  • also your listing gets featured on their webpage

With this site being an online platform, that still means everything is legal and well cared for. As they see it, automating this process is what gives you all the savings back after selling. Typically each of their home sellers save around $7ooo in closings costs just from having the home seller use the software.

More control through Listing Automation.

What is the difference between flat fee services and an agent? 

Well a lot, but what if there was option 3? A hybrid if you will. A company that saves the home seller precious returns in equity but gives them the tools of an agent? Now that’s where you can get excited, let me show you.

Listing online means a personalized user dashboard.

This site lets users create a user dashboard that is specific to their property. Virtually users can:

upload photos, make changes to your listing (price, updates), communicate with an agent, schedule showings, accept offers, manage closings all on their laptop or mobile device literally anytime, from anywhere.



Sealing the deal with Listing Automation

When a seller accepts an offer iListhomes.com reviews the offer virtually.

No needing to wait for an agent to get back with you after lunch on where they can meet up to show you the legal stuff. Through the site all contracts then are completed and delivered to the title company, also you guessed it, virtually.

Once accepted by you online, iList manages the closing process from start to finish and gives the seller a live closing calendar on through this dash board.

You can see laid out before your eyes the important dates and what iList is doing every step of the way.



Listing Automation is the coolest thing available.

With so many new companies out their advertising online listings, make sure they have the software to back it up. If not your only just getting a service with an agent that does less. Why not get a software that does more? You be the judge. The site is completely free to use and home sellers don’t pay the .5 percent in commission fees until after closing the deal. www.ilisthomes.com



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