Newest Technology Trends in Real Estate


The newest trends in real-estate are moving towards technology.

Through web access multiple users can buy, sell and even rent out properties without having to meet face to face with realtors. The newest company in the Texas arena is iListhomes. A full service online brokerage that is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing online tech companies created for home sellers.

Technology is Awesome

A corporate broker starting his company in 2003, found Joe Peterson, had an idea that would change everything. He took the same platforms large companies used to buy and sell multiple properties and formatted it to apply to the everyday seller.

” We started iList based on a need that we felt home sellers were missing out on. Buyers have access to tools across the board. At any given time they can look on a variety of sites to see home values, contact agents and even make their own offers. Home sellers could look up their home values, but what could they do from there?”

Teaming up with a retired Software engineer, Dale Peterson, they took to the drawing board to make a software design that was functional, data driven and convenient.  After 2 years of development, launched in September of 2017. The software had access to live MLS data that allowed any users to look up home values. These were  based off of current for sale properties, recently sold and also pending properties surrounding their homes. The software was designed to allow users to have the same tools they were paying 3 percent to an agent for.

Why Real Estate is Changing

A true hybrid company derived from the needs of the fastest growing real estate markets in the US. ilisthomes has been steadily raising eyebrows throughout Texas. ilisthomes headquarters is located in Lake Dallas, Texas a small city on the edge of the Dallas Metroplex. “From where we are located we can easily have access to all the major metro areas. Even though it is an online virtual brokerage we still like to interact with our clients”.

Home sellers been using the platform with ease! The site has also been effective for investors and home builders as well. The interactive software not only lets users drive the sell of their home, but allows multiple properties to be managed through the click of a button.

Why Technology is Awesome

With technology mending the gaps of human error, home sellers now have access to completely control the sell of their home. The old ways of real estate are being tested as new and better systems are being created. It once was “either go for a flat fee discount service brokerage or go the full 6 percent route. Both options have pros and cons. We wrote them all down and then developed a solution that now has best of both worlds.

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