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So your selling your home. 

First things first. Your home IS an investment.

Property prices are on the rise, yet consider this. Each year a homeowner will pay dubious amounts of money towards home maintenance, updates, landscaping, taxes, insurance, and interest on mortgage loans. Not to mention the labor and time spent into making your home, YOUR home.

So now that your selling, why would you trust anyone else to do it correctly and have a positive return on your investment?

With you can now easily have access to the wonderful world of home selling at your fingertips.

 List and sell your home efficiently without any hassle of working on a realtors watch. ilisthomes

With no upfront costs, no commitment and an established brokerage working behind the scenes, why would you pay a commission to someone else?

Yes, selling a home is scary and overwhelming. But with today’s technology anything can be done fast and easy.

When you sell your home with us, its a FLAT .05 percent. NO HIDDEN FEES.

Now the next step will be deciding where to spend the extra thousands you will make off your next home sale.



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