How To Take Better Pictures of Your Home

First impressions are everything. Online marketing of your house is the number one way to get buyers in your door. The absolute best way to wow your audience is through great shots of your space. With so many new options for home sellers, you don’t always have a realtor taking the photos for you. Let’s walk through some tips to get you on your way from average to photographer status.

Lighting enhances everything.


Before you start your photo shoot, lets talk lighting. Try to take photos during the day or just around sunset for outdoor shots Try to open all windows or blinds to help allow the most natural light into your photos. You don’t necessarily need all electrical lights turned on like lamps, for sometimes they create glare. But look over your photos to make sure you have soft colors that showcase corners and open up your space.  If your overall feel of your home is a dungeon, you might not really get to many calls for showings.

Take your Pictures Low.

When you are holding your camera, the angle and height can completely revamp a picture. Now a days our phones have the ability to take awesome clear photos. If your phone works for you, hold it sideways for a wide angle and also get low. Make the space seem large and open. If you prefer a camera, try using a tripod for the best results. My all time favorite,. but of course more unconventional option is my go pro. The clarity is fantastic and the wide shot option makes all my photos expand.

Tidy up before you shoot.

Before you take any photos, look around. Do you have anything misplaced or objects that are cluttering your space? For example, your bathroom. Take a second to remove all toiletries like shampoo bottles or hairspray cans from your space. Open your shower curtain and put down that toilet lid! Easy simple tricks to make a space seem more inviting and open. Something I always look for are great closet spaces. How easy would it be to organize your shoes, pick up clothes from the floor, or even vacuum to create clean crisp lines in your carpet? Now these of course are all small things, but for photos they really signal to buyers that you take care of your home, or better yet, their potential home!

Shoot Straight ahead.

Traffic routes in your house are openings to each space. Try standing in a door way or facing each room head on. Weird angles of rooms make them seem cut off or confuse buyers when they try to connect each room together. Make it seemless and direct their imagination with the layout of your home through your photos. Also, try to not up turn or take vertical shots. You want your door frames and countertops looking symmetrical for a grounded feel.

All of these tips will help you get great looking pictures that advertise and showcase your home at its true potential. It’s a hot market and homes for sale are a dime a dozen. What makes your home unique? Why should a potential buyer come look at your home over any other home? Show what makes your home special through your photos to help get you the most showings possible.

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