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Why is iList the best choice for home Sellers?

Our site is growing and our tools are empowering sellers everyday. With the market as hot as it currently is, why should you pay your agent more in commission to sell? With the ilisthomes platform, save thousands in commission fees and close with ease. No gimmicks, no hidden costs or obligations. We love our technology, but why take our word for it? Hear it from our Client Merry Hudson.

Why iListhomes?

I received a phone call from Donna Harrison. She explained how ilist worked and the benefits to me.  I am recently divorced and every penny counts.  We discussed my situation and everything I could expect including the approximate amount it would cost me at closing. She was sincere that she wanted the best deal for me.  The personable connection was honestly the deciding factor for me.  I felt like we had made a friendship and she was looking out for my best interest.  Even after the contract was signed and I was assigned a realtor she kept in contact and I also reached out to her on several occasions with questions that she readily answered.

How was it selling your home online?

Everything was quick and electronic.  Right after I electronically signed the documents a man arrived with a sign and lock-box for my door.  Then I downloaded an app on my phone that notified me whenever a showing was requested.  I just clicked to accept.  It was the same way when I got an offer.  The app notified me that an offer had been submitted.  I also received text messages and emails.  You set up everything the way you want it in the beginning including how much time in advance you wish to have ahead of a showing. It was really smooth, easy, and fast.

How long did it take to get a buyer?

It took 5 days to get a buyer.

Will you ever use a traditional agent again to sell?

No.  Plain and simple.  This service provided everything I needed.  It put my property on MLS which brought me buyers I never would have gotten otherwise.  iList handled all the contracts and paperwork.  This took a lot of stress off me because I am not very familiar with all the legal aspects.  They assigned me a realtor that handled the negotiations and looked out for my best interests as well. All this for one sixth of the price of a normal listing agent.  That was money I put toward my debts (around $7,000 I saved).

Being newly on my own – this was huge!


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